A space for the indie music scene, by the indie music scene

the Light Underground

Welcome to the Light Underground

A podcast and 

for indie musicians by indie musicians

to nurture our community
and reclaim our value

the Light Underground is a project curated by Alex Robshaw and Sarah Émilie, to cultivate a nurturing and sustainable approach to the independent music scene.



With  C O M M U N I T Y 

as its core, the Light Underground is a

space for indie artists to

connect through their

collective experience

as independent

creators of music

in the 21st century.    


This podcast and platform creates space for artists to rethink the indie music business, so as to reclaim our value, and the value of Music herself.


the Light Underground is a podcast, a community, and a new place of  W O R T H  for the quintessence of the Underground: the artists who create and perform the music that brings it to L I F E.